Mrs. Braddock & Mrs. Adrian


General Health Information:

 Students will be excluded from school for:
  Fever of 100 degrees or over
  Undiagnosed rashes
  Red, inflamed eyes (pink eye) until diagnosed and treated
  Impetigo (seen around nose and mouth)
  Head Lice (until treatment started & all nits removed)
  Scabies (excluded until appropriate medical treatment)
  Common childhood diseases – State Regulations
  Chickenpox (excluded for seven days from onset of rash)
  Strep Throat (must be on antibiotics & without fever for 24 hrs)

Students sent home ill, with a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea are to be kept home until they are symptom-free for twenty-four hours.

Medication Policy:  (including over-the-counter)

1. Do not send medicine to school unless it is necessary.
2. Medications given three times a day are to be taken at home.
3. ALL medications must be presented to the nurse/office staff in the original container that is properly labeled, including physician’s written instructions with child’s name. A signed consent form from the parent must accompany medications before the office staff will administer medications. This form is available in the school office.
4. A separate form must be completed for children with long-term health conditions. Requiring frequent medications.


All students must submit immunization (shot) records at registration and update them as required by the State Health Depart. Students, without complete immunization records, will be required to withdraw until such records are supplied to the school office. The school nurse reviews immunization records annually for each student.


When a student has been absent, a written excuse must be presented to the teacher stating the reason for the absence. These notes are to be dated and signed. Parents are to notify the school office no later than 9:00 a.m. when a student is absent for the day or will be tardy. When the student returns to school, a pack of papers will be sent home with missed assignments. Students will have one week to complete the papers and return them to school.

Doctor appointments:  

All appointments should be made outside of school time. However, if this is impossible due to illness a note should be sent to the office and teacher stating the reason for the early dismissal. A permit slip to leave the building must be signed by the parent before a child is escorted to the school office by the teacher’s aide. Students are dismissed only from the school office to their parents or other authorized individuals.


Students are considered tardy from school when they arrive after 7:45. Tardy students are to report to the school office for an admit slip before reporting to the classroom. Tardies may be either excused or unexcused at the discretion of the school.Tardy students should bring a written, dated and signed note to the office explaining why they are tardy. Excessive unexcused tardies result in conference with administration and parents.  

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